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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Night in Sleepy Town

Holt Press
For regular visitors (G'day Pop) who may not scroll down, I've added some explanatory text to the Jack and Harry picture from the other night. A plug for me and a plug for them.
It's Sunday night and the weekend is winding down. I slept in this morning while Carolyn and the kids went to church.
Watched the episode of House I recorded on Wed night.
Had a phone call from Walter who has arrived back home in Bridgetown following his part of their big adventure to Germany and America. Mum has stayed on till Thanksgiving and the snow arrives. He had a great time but his back was giving him a lot of trouble so he's glad to be home. He's since had an injection for it and feels fine again.
I spent the afternoon on roster at the gallery. None of my paintings sold but I did sell several other items, a pottery dish and some stuff from the wood turners, while I worked on a painting.
My production rate has slowed down of late, coinciding with the start of driving the taxi I guess.
I had a little nana nap this afternoon when I got home and was listening to Australia play the West Indies in the Champions Cup Final so I may do some more paiting now.


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