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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Me in Action at Meelup this Morning

I'm pleased and relieved to report that the funeral service went very well this morning. The setting was stunning, the weather was perfect and the mood and tone of the service was great, despite the obvious sadness of the occasion.
Nathan's family requested people to wear bright colours, or at least not dress in black, so I wore my brightest shirt, a lovely yellow number. Further to the casual mood was the relaxed footwear standards that normally apply at funerals, thus I am to be seen sporting my blue rubber thongs which from memory cost me $5.99 at Big W.
Not surprisingly there were many people there and after the service I received several compliments on the the job I did which was a relief, I'm always a little anxious about how it will be received, particulary my part of it via the message. A few people said it had really helped them, had put some things in perspective for them, or had been touched or challenged by it.
I'll hopefully post a copy of my message tomorrow once I've let Nathan's family know about it.
The committal in Bunbury this afternoon wasn't quite as tight or smooth, I basically winged it because A. none of us had really thought about or discussed what we wanted to happen and B. never having done one this way before I had no idea what I was doing! It was short and simple but also very emotional, being the last chance for Nathan's family to say goodbye. They stayed for quite a while at the end. I can imagine it would be very hard to leave knowing this is truly the final farewell.

After everything was over I needed some time out so I got a little retail therapy, buying some paint for me and a laundry cupboard for Carolyn, don't tell me I'm not romantic! She's been wanting a new one for ages, a smaller one so that when we replace the bigger one I can relocate the clothes dryer from above the sink and she can stop banging her head against it when she does any hand-washing!
I even managed to assemble it when I got home and apart from a slightly misaligned door it looks pretty good!

I bought some garlic King Prawn noodles for dinner, and got some more to bring home for Carolyn and the kids, then went and saw Clint Eastwood's new movie, Flags of our Fathers, based on the iconic photo of American soldiers hoisting the flag at the battle of Iwo Jima. It was good but not great, but one part was particularly interesting, concerning one of the men involved, Ira Hayes, a native American (Referred to as an Indian in the film which was set in pre PC times) who was a reluctant hero and an alcoholic. The reason it's interesting is because there's a song about Ira Hayes on one of the Johnny Cash albums I bought recently and now it makes a lot more sense. Posted by Picasa


At Thu. Nov. 09, 10:01:00 am 2006, Blogger Peter said...

Well done with the funeral service Marcus.
Also the assembly of the laundry cabinet, and I've been telling you for years you can learn from Country Music.
I wonder how many people unwind after conducting a funeral service by going to see a war movie?


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