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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Maxi Taxi

Holt Press
I drove the Maxi Taxi tonight, a 14 seat min-bus used to take bigger groups of customers.
It tends to get the big jobs. An average fare around Busselton in a normal cab is about $10.
Tonight I had fares of $64, $69, $70 and $125, the last one being to take a group of young women to Bunbury so they could go night clubbing.
$125 is a lot for a taxi fare but split between a bunch of people it's not so bad.

The customers were a lot quieter and more civil tonight compared to normal.
Last night was flat out because of the show, tonight was much quieter though I still made a reasonable amount of money, courtesy of the big fares.

We went back to the show for another couple of hours this afternoon so Sport Boy and Sophie could get some show bags and go on a few rides. Letting them drive the dodgems was a near suicide decision, neither of them had any idea what they were doing, and Carolyn and I as the hapless passengers may well need visits to the physio this week to deal with the whiplash caused by a couple of head on collisions!!
We survived but only just.
Carolyn got to have a go at the ping pong ball in the clown's mouth on sideshow alley and came away with a soft toy key ring for her consolation prize.
I had entered some paintings and photos in the show competitions but was disappointed not to win anything, not even a highly commended. Worse, because my photos were framed "wrongly" they were not even hung in the competition!!!! And my sculpture made with parts of our old microwave was beaten by a pair of metal high heels in the metal and wood section. Local bias and favourtism must have played a part in the results I'm sure!

Jordy had his final performance of The Pinafore Pirates this afternoon, not sure how it went but I know he was looking forward to the pizza party with the cast after the show.


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