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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Laundry Makeover Complete

Modest as our laundry may be, it is vastly improved since I completed the makeover tonight. The cupboard I assembled yesterday has replaced the original which was twice as big. The dryer has been relocated above it, it used to be on the right above the trough and was a head hazard. I put up the duel shelves and even hung the cottage craft calendar. Carolyn's happy, not only because it's safer but she also has a flat surface to put clothes and baskets on and moving the dryer has let a lot more light in. All in all a very successful and satisfying project and achieved for just over $200.

I spent most of today working on the finances for the camp prior to a teleconference to get some approvals on things we wanted to do, and it was all thumbs up and green lights which is a relief.
The other very good news is that I have secured a venue for campsite 2. I'd struck out a couple of times so was very keen to get it settled, I was very relieved when I got the confirmation.
Campsite 1 is still not finalised yet which is a little frustrating but I'm not too worried, I'm waiting to hear back from one venue and there are still several other possibilities if that falls through.

I didn't enjoy watching Sport Boy's basketball game this afternoon, even though they won. I do not like basketball generally, but I especially dislike it for kids because of one key reason; because of the way kids play it (selfishly) they do not pass the ball and it is quite possible to go through a whole game and not get the ball and thus be a spectator. Unlike most other sports where either the ball is hit to you, eg tennis, volleyball or you can go and get it yourself, eg. football, soccer, in basketball you are completely at the mercy of your team mates, you can't just go and get the ball (unless you're tall, another reason I don't like it; because it's a huge disadvantage to be small whereas in most other sports your size is not critical). So, if your team mates don't pass you the ball you just run up and down the court the whole game becoming more and more frustrated. Which is pretty much what happened to Sport Boy this afternoon. He wasn't happy and neither was I!
Later on, when kids are old enough to know they have to pass the ball around and play as a team it improves marginally, but it's still not a good game. I agree with the Coodabeenchampions who refer to it as The Nonsense.
I've probably alienated a basketball fan out there somewhere, but I don't care, I know I'm right!!!!!!!!

The new series of The Amazing Race started tonight which always makes me happy. With the CSRC coming up, watching The Amazing Race is like professional development for me! Only 20 days till the start of the camp, got to pick up the pace!! Posted by Picasa


At Fri. Nov. 10, 10:18:00 am 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot let you get away with such "dribble" about basketball. your lack of knowledge and insight are a disgrace. As you know I'm a huge bball fan- bigger than my AFl obsession, and to hear you go on like that and then to declare your right, is nonsense in itself.
BBall is like just about ever other sport - if you aren't in the right position, read the play and have some skill, then you won't see much of the ball. Cricket, footy, volleyball even tennis (doubles) can see you standing on the outer and not in the game. Bball combines a whole range of skills, is fastpaced, athletic, exciting to play and watch, and while it can favour the tall, there are many short players who have made it. Every sport will favour certain types of physically blessed people, so don't single out bball as the only one.
What you need Holt is a lesson in the finer points of the game, so you can pass them onto Sportboy so he can get the ball and score/defend/contribute.
I will expect a retraction and public apology regarding your uneducated and unfounded biased comments.
The Tool guy

At Fri. Nov. 10, 05:57:00 pm 2006, Anonymous marcusholt said...

Tell him he's dreaming!
I stand by every word I said, and then some!
It's about time you came down to Busso for a weekend so now's your chance, your challenge is to change a bunch of goal/ball hungry 8 year olds into team players who understand the value of passing! Until then it will remain an abomination on the face of sport!
Don't take my word for it, take Sport Boy's tears of frustration as testimony!

At Fri. Nov. 10, 06:00:00 pm 2006, Anonymous marcusholt said...

And don't get me started on comparing footy to the nonsense!
In footy the ball is in dispute and you can run and chase it, mark it, fight in a pack for it, in the nonsense you can't even breathe on someone without giving away a foul!

At Fri. Nov. 10, 10:27:00 pm 2006, Anonymous Carolyn said...

Guys! We're talking about 9 year olds here who can't dribble and look up at the same time and who only pass to their best friend. I'm not sure it's worth a philosophical discussion on the merrits of every sport. And Marcus, don't give me that speech about the coaches not doing their job. I heard it yesterday!

At Sat. Nov. 11, 02:42:00 pm 2006, Anonymous 2Peter said...

Firstly, good to hear the service at Meelup went well.

Secondly, I have absoluely nothing to say about basketball as I feel I don't live far enough away for it to be safe to do so.


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