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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've Moved

The new address for Marcus' Blog is www.holtpress2.blogspot.com

Just click on the link and it will take you to my new home.


At Mon. Jul. 30, 02:19:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,

I resigned from Calvary Chapel High School and am looking for a new job.

Your mate, Skip.

At Fri. Sep. 21, 11:58:00 am 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus,

I noticed you have some spare tix for the prelim...am a HUUUUUGE cats fan and wnna to take my 2 kids...if they are still around can you call me on 0409861402.

Thanks mate and go pussies


At Sun. Nov. 25, 09:09:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus

My name is Jacqui Ward (my sister Katherine says hi to Sophie!!!) and I've just finished YR 11 at Carine SHS.

This week we have our Cool School Race Camp. I went to the Cool SRC website to see if there were any clues (like in past years) but there wasn't !!!
Is there any way you could help us!?!?!

My email : tdward@iinet.net.au


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