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Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's the Weekend! Yeah!

Holt Press
7.30 Big Brekky, reasonable crowd, cooked eggs on barbie for first time.

11.00 Funeral at Dunsborough, quite different to Wednesday's, very sad

1.00-4.00 Recruited camp staff, 5 knock backs, three acceptances (2 definite, one conditional), phone calls and emails

4.00 Outward Bound meeting, sharing ideas about Amazing Race style camps.

6.00 Start cab shift (earnt over $250 for the night) put up with usual array of drunks, yobbos and people you wouldn't want to take home to meet your mother, with a reasonable scattering of nice/normal/sober people thrown in, including three older ladies from Geelong here for a Heritage Rose conference (can you believe it?) Recommended the Gardener's Blog! Always nice to have Cats fans in the cab.

4.00am Finish shift, resolving to come home and go straight to bed.

4.15 Count up the night's takings and prepare paperwork.

4.30 Blog!! as the first light of dawn breaks through.

4.45 In bed, sound asleep, hopefully!

Not driving tomorrow night so have rest of weekend to rest and catch up.


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