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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Difficult Day

Holt Press
I spent this morning visiting the two families of the young couple killed in a house fire in Dunsborough yesterday. Both visits were difficult. The families were as you'd expect, numbed, shocked, and devatstated. Their pain and grief was overwhelming as they talked about the respective son and daughter they had lost.
I found myself in tears as I listened to their story and we all held hands and cried together. There was another surprise twist that I hadn't expected, the young man who was killed was the nephew of the lady whose house we rented for the first year we were in Busselton. Both families felt at a loss about how to handle things and were overwhelmed at the thought of arranging funerals etc. There can surely be no greater pain and sadness than that of a parent whose child has died.

Between the two visits I had a bizarre experience.
As I was driving from Busselton to Dunsborough I spotted a snake curled up on the road. I have always been fascinated by snakes so I pulled over to have a look at it. It started to move a little and had just stuck it's head up when a car ran over it throwing it up in the air as the wheels hit it. It was not killed but sustained serious injury. It lay still for a while then it's tail started to twitch and eventually it began to writhe and turn itself right way up. Just then another vehicle hit it, causing further serious injury. Some more feeble movements followed before a third vehicle delivered the fatal blow and it was dead. It was a Dugite, about a metre and a half long and although I share a healthy fear and respect for snakes it was shocking to see it die such a brutal death.
Perhaps I was extra sensitive due to the nature of the visit I had just had and the one I was on my way to I don't know. I couldn't help also the passing thought that the snake has always been a symbol of evil in the world.
I'm not suggesting anything about the timing or the incident.
It just seemed to me that the deaths of the two young people in the fire were not just tragic but unfair. Both lots of parents told me that their kids had been emerging out of difficult times and were starting to get their lives in order. It seemed cruelly ironic that they should survive through bad experiences and then have their lives taken away so suddenly and in such an awful way.

After a draining morning I needed a Vanilla Diet Coke and a break before going back to school.
I dropped a few paintings and photographs that I'm entering in the Busselton Show off at the showgrounds.

This afternoon I spent over an hour talking to Kori's Mum, the boy whose funeral I did a couple of months ago.
It was good to be able to spend some time with her but not easy, she is still having a pretty hard time coming to terms with her grief and sadness. I am encouraged by her strength and thoughtfulness, she has a very supportive and caring attitude, as does Kori's Dad and this strength has really helped them manage the last couple of months.

I "shot some hoops" with Sport Boy after work.

Jordan had his first performance in the school production of Pirates of Penzance today for the year 1-3's. It went pretty well by the sound of it. He has to sing several songs which is pretty tough on him. We're going to see the show on Thursday night.

Tonight I had a Synoptic meeting with Stu, Rick and about 20 young people we are wanting to encourage to take on leadership roles in the youth ministry of Synoptic, it was an encouraging meeting with some plans being made for 2007.


At Thu. Nov. 02, 09:07:00 pm 2006, Blogger Margaret said...

What a sad visit, you must have to call on all your reserves of emotional strength to deal with these sad events, I am very sure that your support is crucial to these poor souls in their hour of need.
God Bless Margaret


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