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Monday, October 30, 2006

Year 12's Last Day

The days of running amok and committing acts of vandalism in the name of leaving rights are thankfully past. Schools have learnt to manage the process of students finishing high school pretty well, ala the Yr 12's last day at Busso on Friday. A sausage sizzle and a fancy dress day kept everyone happy and entertained.
They're a good bunch of kids and I got to know several of them through things like footy teams, Country Week and the trip to Melbourne. It is sad to see them go but exciting to see them heading off on the next stage of their journey through life. Posted by Picasa


At Tue. Oct. 31, 10:53:00 am 2006, Anonymous 2Peter said...

At the end of year 12, we put an ad in the paper to sell the Bsn High school ($70,000, which included the gardner!). No takers unfortunately!

Mum was Manager of the canteen and was ready to do great physical harm to any kid who threw a flour bomb through a serving window! As far as I know, it was never tested.

Good memories.


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