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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

An action shot from the Chaplains Cup yesterday, played at Fremantle Oval. The Kelmscott player dropped the mark, the Busselton player behind seems to be grasping at thin air rather than the ball. That's sort of how the day went for the boys from Busso. We played 4 games, and in a very consistent display, lost all 4 of them.
I only got to see 2 of the games because by then we had 2 players needing hospital treatment. Liam copped a knock to the head in the first 10 minutes of the first game and was concussed, having no recollection of the incident or the ensuing few minutes, even though when I walked him off the ground he was lucid and answered my questions correctly. Alex copped a blow to the body in our second game and went down in agony clutching his side and suspecting broken ribs. After some phone calls to parents and making arrangements, we took both boys to the hospital which was very handily located next door to the ground. Thankfully both boys were ok and after being seen and given pain killers were free to go. They both went to stay with family members in Perth for the night which was sure to be more comfortable than sleeping on the gym mats at Kelmscott high school like the rest of us did.
Carine won the Cup for the second year in a row, beating John Curtin in the Grand Final.
Despite the 4 losses and 2 injuries the boys all enjoyed the day and had a good time.
They weren't "too" difficult to get settled down and into bed and after about 45 minutes of talking, laughing, wriggling, and of course, farting, they all fell asleep. Sadly, a combination of the dawn breaking through the curtainless windows and the vigorous application of the loudest blower vac in the known universe by an unwitting cleaner, served to awaken us around 6am, long before we had sufficiently rested from the previous day's endeavours.
More of the Chaplains Cup story to follow once I've had my dinner. Posted by Picasa


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