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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Jordan, 15 Today

Jordy is a great kid, and even though he's showing increasing signs of teenagerism, there is still a lovely spirit of generosity and compassion in his heart, he laughs a lot and enjoys his growing friendships. He is a smart kid with an interest in, and a developing sense of awareness of the world around him. He reads voraciously which is a great habit to develop when you're a kid. He does a junk mail round twice a week which earns him $50-60 a week and largely paid for his own trip to Sydney and Canberra recently. He's become very enthusiastic about music (that's what he calls it anyway!) and loves doing stuff on the computer like chatting on MSN and playing around with his blog and myspace sites.
He enjoys playing sport but unlike me does not get into watching it, and sadly does not like Aussie Rules footy!!
He's become more conscious of fashion and style and has a growing collection of hats, wrist bands, sun glasses and jackets. He has an interesting collection of bottles, cans and food packets in his room, an unusual hobby to be sure!
When he was little there was a period for a couple of years when he would run out to the carport when I got home from work and launch himself into my lap before I got out of the car. Not surprisingly he doesn't do that any more but he's still willing to give and receive a hug and this morning when I wished him a happy birthday we hugged for a full minute. He got some new clothes before the trip to Sydney as an early birthday present so he wasn't expecting much today, thus he was delighted when Sophie gave him a really cool pair of shorts, Paulie gave him a wristband and I gave him the latest Matthew Reilly book, "7 Ancient Wonders".
He occasionally goes to stay at a friend's place for a few days in Capel and last time they brought him home the family, including 3 sisters and one boy, all said they'd willingly keep Jordan and they loved having him around. It's always nice to hear encouraging and positive things about your kids from other people.
He's not perfect, no-one is, but he's a great kid with a great attitude, I'm proud of him and love him very much.
Happy 15th Birthday Jordy. (He reads this blog!) Posted by Picasa


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