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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Footy Team at Kelmscott early this morning

After breakfast we discussed the day's plans, 10 pin bowling was abandoned in favour of a movie but we still had at least 2 hours until anything opened.
I took the boys for a drive up to Kalamunda then down the zig zag road and parked on the 2nd zig in order to walk up to Statham Quarry, a place I used to often take groups abseiling at. They are adolescent boys so of course there were various whinges and grumbles about "Where are we going?" and "Why?" which despite their predictability are annoying in the extreme.
As we sat on the cliff top, surveying the 45m drop to the quarry floor and the panoramic view of Perth complete with planes cruising in to land at Perth Airport below us, I urged the boys to do away with whinging and negativity, to have an open mind when suggestions are made, and be prepared to try things and even risk enjoying them, even if they don't know if they like it or not beforehand. The message seemed to sink in because there were a couple of positive responses to things later. We had in fact had quite a good debrief of the day and discussion about life and drugs and sex the night before in the gym.
We drove to Cannington, the boys had another fast food fix at Maccas then we went to the cinema to see "Kenny", a very funny Australian movie. Most of the boys enjoyed it, Daniel, the other staff member with me on the trip, loved it.
From there it was straight onto the bus and we hit the road for home. A quick fuel and dunny stop, with obligatory spending in the shop, and we made it back to school by 3.00pm, just as Daniel predicted.
The Chaplains Cup is over for another year. Posted by Picasa


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