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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family Outing on Sunday afternoon

The kids and I had a lovely afternoon on a family outing on Sunday. Carolyn wasn't well enough to join us unfortunately but we still had a good time, starting with ice cream and chocolate fudge at a picnic table, a visit to Steve's place to pick up my paints which I had accidentally left in his car after I borrowed it to go to Perth a couple of weeks back, then a drive towards Yallingup. We took a dirt road to see where it would lead us, it turned out to be private property which got the kids worried! We parked in the bush and went for a walk up a nearby hill from whwere we enjoyed a lovely view of the valley and surrounding bush. I pointed out a few little bits of bush craft and various tracks as we went, nothing startling but it was cool just walking through the bush and noticing a few little things. Sport Boy wanted to run and race the others and they both obliged him which was nice.
After our walk everyone was hungry so we continued on to Dunsborough for some chips with squid rings and prawns. Posted by Picasa


At Wed. Oct. 18, 12:06:00 am 2006, Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

What very cute kids you have!!


At Wed. Oct. 18, 06:00:00 am 2006, Blogger The Heir said...

hey!! thats my hat hes wearing!! there'll be some tax taken for that one when I get home...


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