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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Another Retreat Painting

This is a practice run for a larger one I'm planning to do.
Today I got some boards cut at Bunnings and tonight I put the first of 5 coats of Gesso on them, to prepare them to be painted on. The Gesso will give them the same sort of surface to paint on as canvas. I needed specially cut boards in order to fit the frames I've been buying, it's easy to find frames, and easy to buy pre-made canvases, but it's very difficult to find both frame and canvas in matching size.
Sophie started her first painting last night! The bug is catching! Posted by Picasa


At Tue. Oct. 17, 10:48:00 am 2006, Blogger Wayne Field said...

G'day Marcus,

Great to have found your blog. I like the artwork (No really I do!!). I'm jealous that you have found the time for it.

Reading some of your posts - it sounds like you've made a move south?

I hope to check in with your blog from time to time.




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