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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend wrap

Holt Press
We had a Family Fun Day at church this morning, and it was. There were lots of songs and musical items, some readings and testimonies and even an exhibition of dog training. Noel brought Zac out the front to pray for him prior to his trip to England and it was great to see the way the church embraced and affirmed him. When Noel called him out the teenagers all clapped whistled and cheered.
His dreadlocks went down well with Noel!
This afternoon we went for chips from Chooks and ice cream from Gelato as a family treat then a short drive round the beachfront as dusk fell. It's good to have Zac home and I hope we can do a few more special things as a family while he's here.

The other big news is that Jordan finally has a job delivering junk mail to 240 houses in Cloisters, our neighbourhood. It hasn't taken long for him to discover that work is not all fun and money and I've had to push him a bit to get it all done. I suspect that when the money starts to come in it will be a bit more rewarding. He has been crook all week so the effort required to do the job was probably a struggle for him.

Can't let the weekend end without mentioning the debacle of Paul's soccer game yesterday. There was another mix-up of times and half our team were 45 minutes late. The other team had come up from Margaret River so it was a bit of a nuisance for them, and then once we started we had to play a shortened game to accommodate the following game. We were all scratching our heads afterwards over how things had gotten messed up yet again! Hopefully from now on we'll have it sussed, but to be honest I'm not confident.
The result by the way was a 1-1 draw, Paulie scored our equaliser from a penalty.

Don't forget the Big Busso Quiz Nite is on on Saturday 20 August.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Holt Press The third instalment in my brief life history year by year. This chronicles my 20's.
1981 20 Clarke St Northcote, Vic. Spurs won FA Cup-Ricardo Villa’s goal The first game was a draw I watched the replayed final at 3am in the lounge room of my cousin's house in Nathalia with the sound off and headphones on the radio. There are teeth marks in the cassette case I recorded the game on, this was before the days of video! I jumped for joy in silent celebration when Villa scored the winner, one of the greatest goals in cup final history. Hitching round the country, Vicki & Rex’s @ Wudinna, Sydney, The Waterworks waterslides, Met Graham and Paul in Cairns, job @ Tom Hull’s Mansworld- the biggest pair of jeans in history caused quite a stir on the washing line of the hostel we were staying at which had more than it's share of weirdoes and kooks, Dad & Julie @ their farm @ Maryborough, Christmas in Bellingen New Year in Adelaide Kate Gallagher (cousin) Paul Frederickson
1982 21 The Boulevarde Mt Hawthorn London Babington Rd Streatham Falklands War, Spurs won FA Cup, World Cup in Spain Sold my car and caravan and bought a one way ticket to England, trip with Tom and Nick, One way ticket to England, Saw Spurs win the Cup @ Wembley 1-0 in a replay V Queens Park Rangers, Saw the Rollingstones in Rotterdam, Paris loved the Eiffel Tower and saw the Mona Lisa whom I'd had a crush on all through childhood, World Cup Finals in Spain-England @ Bilbao, Turned 21 in San Sebastian, Ran with the Bulls @ Pamplona, Arrested in Madrid for not wearing a shirt on the train, Job @ Esso House London, Went to every Spurs game home & away, Tania Lester (Spurs pen-pal) Felicity Thomas, Kenny and Steve, Dee & Brains, Malcolm Stoll, Mark Phelps
1983 22 Ealing London Australia won the America’s Cup I was in America at the time and hitched for three days solid trying to get to Rhode Island in time for the last race but I didn't make it. I saw the finish of the last race at a pub in Ohio and celebrated into the night. Job @ Woolworths in London, Worked as a camp counselor in the States through Bunacamp @ Camp Schodack NY fantastic thing to do, Hitch-hiked around the USA in 5 weeks, Stayed with Paul in San Diego, Saw David Bowie in San Francisco, Hiked the Grand Canyon down to the bottom and back in one day then couldn't walk for the next three days!!, New York Mets, Back to London, Temping Job @ Provident Mutual, Went to another FA Cup Final replay Man U beat Brighton 4-0. Rik Wheat, Steve Bright, Justin Lennard, Tony & RussellCindy Kubik, Lauren Tannen, Andy Levy, Josh Brinen
1984 23 Ealing London, Perth, Yangebup Los Angeles Olympics Spurs won UEFA Cup London/Belgium which was decided in a penalty shootout at White Hart Lane I've never been so nervous/anxious/excited/tense and relieved in my life Tony Parks was the hero saving the final penalty to give Spurs the Cup, Back to Camp Schodack with Malcolm, 2nd trip around America, New York Giants, Washington, Boston, Chicago Northwestern University at Psi Upsilon fraternity, Mt Rushmore, Seattle, Paul in San Diego, Tahiti, Home to Australia, Hitched from Sydney to Perth Back home to Australia after two and a half years overseas -I had a brilliant time, made some great friends, and enjoyed fabulous hospitality and generosity especially in America, Al Siegerman, Nick Cannon, Stu Levine, Kenny Wener, Mike Metcalf,
1985 24 Perth Yangebup Live Aid The year my life changed!! Job @ YMCA Bentley/Melville, Became a Christian as a result of meeting Skip Joannes at the YMCA, Went to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) seminar at Lake Cooloongup-an awesome week, Met Carolyn (we both worked for the YMCA)-fell in love/got engaged in three weeks!- Went to Melbourne for Nan & Pa’s Golden Wedding and to announce our engagement, Thornlie Church of Christ/Eirene Youth group-great place to build a foundation in our new faith, Pa died just a couple of months after their anniversary, Skip Joannes, Alex Leitch, Stephen White, Michelle Wright
1986 25 Streich Av Kelmscott Coops Av Thornlie World Cup Mexico Job @ YMCA Midnight-to-dawn drop-in-centre, President of RYLA association, Margaret River abseiling and caving, Got married in Geelong 29/3 honeymoon in Fiji, Marriage study group, Uncle RYLA camp, Les Robertson,Dave & Mandy Roberts, Ric and Andrea Mellor, John & Tracey Cross
1987 26 Davies Ct GosnellsBeckenham St Beckenham America’s Cup @ Fremantle Job with Buster the Fun Bus @ Fremantle, Zachariah born 29/5-the dawning of responsibility, Printz of Peace screen printing, First contact with Fusion, Speakers Corner @ Fremantle Rose Diprose, Adrienne Inch,
1988 27 Beckenham St Beckenham,Kilmany Park Sale Australia’s Bicentennary Seoul Olympics A Big year of change and challenge Job @ Rockingham Youth Service, Went to the National Gathering @ Canberra-the opening of new Parliament House 40,000 Christians praying together for Australia, Worked at the Pavilion of Promise at World Expo Brisbane, Did 6 month Youthwork diploma course at Fusion Kilmany Park Sale Vic, Sold T-shirts at Blackstump Festival Sydney, Calvary Chapel-Skip started a church, Martin Woods, Bob Adams, Noel & Steph Kara,
1989 28 Sevenoaks St Cannington Fall of Berlin Wall, Tiannamen Square Geelong lost Grand Final v Hawthorn Gary Ablett kicked 9 goals. I listened to the game on the radio as we drove a bus load of kids to Sydney for the Blackstump Festival Not the first nor the last time I shed a tear over a Geelong result, Worked with Fusion Vic Park, Job @ Chip Inn drop in centre at Warwick Church of Christ, 2nd Blackstump trip- Took11 kids from Chip Inn/Had 6 flat tyres very memorable trip!!, Sophie born 24/3, Russell Armstrong, Laurie Haynes, Steve Strutt, Belinda Ferguson
1990 29 Denmark Way Warwick World Cup Italy Directed 1st of 6 RYLA seminars brilliant experience, Ran Day camps for Calvary Chapel using Chip Inn kids on the team, First involvement with Scripture Union-Warriuka Camps paddling on the Avon with Laurie-EEEMMMUUUUUUSSSS!!! Mike Klenner, Kent Pitman, Tom Shackles

Got to get it out of my system!

Holt Press
NO! It can't be happening but it is, Geelong's season is imploding, the wheels have fallen off, the suicide bombers have devestated the Cat Mobile, a tsunami has wiped out the Cats premiership dreams, the whole season has gone to #@*^!!! I know I shouldn't take footy so seriously or get so upset and disappointed when Geelong lose but I do, and it hurts, a lot. Last night was a very bad night and I did not react well. Yet, as I write and consider the metaphors I chose and the realities of other people's worlds I gain some perspective and can consider myself lucky and count my blessings to live where I do in the circumstances I do and realise that for the majority of the world's population there are far more important things to worry about than whether Geelong, or any other team, won the footy. Having said that, I still feel deeply disappointed and frustrated and annoyed and upset and crushed...
Next week Geelong play St Kilda on Friday night at Docklands, where we have won 2 and lost 9 games. Ironically Carolyn and I went to the first Geelong V StKilda game at Docklands this season and came away elated after a fantastic Geelong win. How fortunes have changed and momentum swung since then. The Saints are hot again, the Cats are stone cold. This is just the sort of game Geelong will get up and win to defy all expectations! If that happens, expect them to lose to Melbourne the week after, coz of course the Dees have lost 5 in a row and can't beat anyone, except Geelong in a game they should win!!!!
Follow that with a game against the all-concquering Eagles and Geelong's season is headed for the garbage bin, Forget the top 4, we'll be lucky if we make the final 8!
Oh woe is me!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

A simple wish

Holt Press
I'm a simple man, I don't ask for much, but before I die I really really really want to see Geelong win a premiership. I concede that's very unlikely to happen this season, but in the meantime, I'd just like them to beat Essendon tonight! Please! C'mon Cats, I'm sounding pathetic!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Soccer and volleyball

Holt Press
Stop worrying, the kids survived their first night with me as sole parent and cook. Didn't even have to call dial-a-prayer/pizza.
Soccer training is on in 5 minutes then tonight is volleyball, 6.30 duty, 7.30 game, 8.30 reffing.
Then rush home for The Amazing Race, getting down to the wire now with just 3 teams left.
Carolyn and Zac are at the passport office right now, hopefully getting everything sorted out with a minimum of fuss, ha ha ha!!
I'm trying to organise an incursion next week by a guy called Scott Darlow, an aboriginal muso and presnter who does shows in schools talking (and singing) to kids about racial harmony, reconciliation and aboriginal and Australian culture. He comes highly recommended. I tried stting it up months ago but typically the wheels moved very slowly then fell off so it will be a last minute rush to get it all sorted, thankfully Gaultie said he'll help me with it tomorrow.

Looking forward to my first game of volleyball in a month tonight, time to get serios and make a charge for the finals.
Our team is called Flat Whites, how poor is that!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

40 Hour Famine

Holt Press
Another busy day today. Carolyn has gone to Petrth for a couple of days so I'm looking after the kids too! Poor me! Poor kids!! I spoke to the year 9 assembly this morning about the 40 Hour Famine. I'd seen a typically heart wrenching story about poverty and starvation in Africa on SBS the night before so I was keen to get the kids enthused and inspired to do something positive. We never go hungry in Australia really. Yes there are poor people, but nothing to compare with the hardship people face in other countries. The 40 Hour Famine is one good way of making a difference. The real challenge is to get kids to see themselves as global citizens and be willing to contribute to solutions and try to make a difference.
I had footy training at lunchtime for the junior country week team, 35 kids turned up for the 1st session and I ran them harder than normal, we'll see how many turn up next week!
Paulie has been amusing himself in my office while I did some work and finally spoke to my sister Vicki to wish her a happy birthday, it was only 16 days ago!!! It was good to talk to her though as is often the case she's been having migraines regularly.
Time to go and get dinner ready for the kids! What's Domino's number again?!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Late nights V Early mornings

Holt Press
After running on empty for a few days I finally got my head down and bum up and got through some work today, so much so that I completely forgot my supervision appointment at 1:45!! Sorry Laurie! We've re-scheduled for tomorrow morning.
That in itself presents a challenge. I am such a night person that even when I'm tired I don't want to go to bed. I love the peace and solitude of late nights and am usually pretty productive. The problem comes when I've got to get up in the morning and go to work, now that's a struggle. Lately I've been copying all my CDs onto the computer and even better, have worked out how to copy my cassette tapes (remember them) onto computer and evn re-copy them back onto CD if I want to. It's a slow process but one that I'm really glad to be doing. Eventually I'll be able to dispose of all the cassettes and that appeals to the de-cluttering aspirations I'm nurturing. Similarly I hope one day to buy a Hard Drive/DVD recorder and transfer all my videos onto DVDs. Freeing up space is the main aim. Our carport is still chock full of boxes, furniture and "Stuff" undealt with. May have a garage sale this weekend and begin to dispose of some of it, it can't stay in the carport forever.
Just spoke to Zac, he's in Launceston with friends. Looks like to passport saga is going to go right down to the wire and will need to be processed in Perth after he gets home on Thursday. It costs extra but at least it can be done quickly. Money! We've got so many bills to pay and so little to pay them with at the moment I'm thinking I may have to .........hmmmm no, can't do that...... got a reputation to protect and this is a small town, but .....!! I could do with some extra work, a second job, something to earn a bit of extra dough! I'm open to offers.
Talking of offers, I've just had a bitter-sweet one from a friend who lives in Halls Creek and is a one-eyed Eagles fan. If I get her a ticket to the Grand Final she'll fly us both over to Melbourne for the game. I no longer hold any hopes of Geelong being around for the last Saturday in September, but much as I'd love to go to a Grand Final, I'm not sure I could stand to be there to see West Coast win it!
I've got a Youthcare meeting tonight and a big push for the Quiz Night, I really want it to be a good night with a huge crowd.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Blood noses and broken legs

Holt Press
Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France.
Australia won the 1st Ashes test.
Geelong lost to a bottom team.
Solomon spoke truly when he said "There is nothing new under the sun, vanity vanity, all is vanity."

I survived my game against the Ducks yesterday arvo tho I did cop a whack on the nose which brought tears to me eyes and still makes blowing it a tender operation. The games are usually played in good spirit with chats with your opponent in between passages of play.
I was playing Full Back and the Full Forward, Brett "Anywhere" Baker said to me "Are you OK?" We proceeded to discuss the prevalence of blood noses we had as kids.
A few minutes later the ball came our way again and Brett went down face first and one of our blokes landed on his head, squashing his nose into the turf. As he got up, you guessed it, blood started streaming from his nose and he had to go off, not even able to take his free kick shot at goal.
He came back on in the last quarter and I said to him, "Did I tell you that I broke my leg as a kid?" "No" he said, running away from me, "and I don't want to know!"

Unfortunately one of our blokes did get badly injured, Mike Piggot did a collar bone or shoulder in a marking contest. He's a good bloke, and a handy player.

Scores are not kept officially and the result doesn't matter, but the game ended in a draw!! My knee was OK but my speed was sadly lacking!

A public thanks goes to Michael and Rachel in Sydney for your work in getting the Swans up against the Eagles yesterday, well done, keep up the good work.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Soccer, ice cream and a quiz night.

Holt Press
Geelong's pitiful performance against the lowly Dogs was the low point of my day as my previous blog describes. The day started in a messy way. We trekked off to Dunsborough for Paul's soccer game, only to find no opposition there to play against, and then discovered that the team we should have been playing were probably back in Busselton cursing us for our non-appearance. The fixturing has been a real stuff-up but we should have at least worked this one out, yet the collective brains of the parents of the entire team were unable to think far enough ahead to forsee the problem and prevent it, thus the kids missed out on their game. As compensation we, the parents, decided to take them to Simmos for an ice cream, only to find the gates shut and not opening for another hour. Plan C saw us at a little cafe buying packaged ice creams and takeaway coffees while the kids ran around on the green. Then it was a race back to Busso to pick up Jordy and take him to his soccer game. He was a few minutes late and started on the bench but did get to play a fair bit of the game. They lost but it wasn't a slaughter, though the rain made it a little unpleasant.

This evening Carolyn and I rocked up to a quiz night on spec and managed to find a table in need of a couple of extra members. The quiz night was at the RSL Hall and run by the Hash House Harriers whose two main reasons for existing are to run and drink alcohol. There wasn't much of the former but a fair bit of the latter. It was good fun though as the night wore on and the drinking gathered momentum it got rowdier and more disshevelled. We joined up with Brendan and Erin, Graham and Jenny and Russell and Wendy and eenjoyed their company. We were a few points off the pace most of the night but were surprised to discover that one of the scores on the scoreboard was a dummy table meant to fool us, which it did, and thus we were elevated from 4th to 3rd and won 4 bottles of wine for our efforts.
I passed out a few flyers for the upcoming chaplaincy quiz night at school and we got invited to join the group for next year's quiz night. Carolyn and I both hoped that all present would get home safely given the insobriety of many of the crowd.

As predicted the Poms have crumbled in the cricket under the Aussie onslaught with bat and ball. I really do hope England win 1-2 tests and make a contest of it, the Aussies are so dominant it is boring and unentertaining.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to run out for the Magpies against the infamous Dunsborough Ducks. Will my knee hold up under the pressure of a real game? I hope so.


Holt Press
AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Geelong Geelong Geelong, why dost thou break my heart so? Geelong thou promiseth much and delivereth little, thou beguiler and pretender. I entrusteth my hope in thee each week, and tho I'm oft disappointed, thou foolest me into trusting thee again, only to let me down and destroyeth me in the cruelest of ways. Oh Geelong, team of my youth, passion of my heart, ruination of my dreams! aaaagggghhhh!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Blow Fly V Microwave

Holt Press
I had an interesting experience at lunchtime. As I took my lasagne out of the microwave a blowfly was buzzing round the kitchen. I opened the door to see if I could lure said blowfly into the trap. In it flew, I shut the door and turned the dial, wondering how much micr-waving is required to kill a blowfly, and whether at some point it would burst and splat all over the inside of the oven. I know you too are curious to find out the answers.
The fly continued living up to it's name for about 15 seconds and then became still. I gave it another 5 seconds before opening the door. Thereupon I discovered the fly, legs in the air, dead but intact. I was satisfied, the pest was dead but I wasn't forced to call in Harvey Keitel to do a Pulp Fiction style clean-up.
The lasagne was very tasty.

I spoke to Zac today and Anne from Fusion who is helping him prepare for the trip to England. All going well he will leave Perth on August 8. That is if he's got his passport by then! I checked a website today and their is a fast processing service (One Hour Passports?) for an additional fee. I think we may have to avail ourselves of this service if he's going to make it!

It's Friday arvo, footy training in an hour, Friday night footy on TV, flicking between it and the cricket, kids soccer in the morning and Geelong v The Bulldogs tomorrow lunchtime. Bring it on!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Soccer training revisited

Holt Press
Thursday arvo means soccer training and for the first time in ages it wasn't raining. We still only had 5 kids turn up but I'm pleased to report that one of them who has been unmotivated to say the least actually said tonight, "I like soccer training". I kept them a bit busier tonight then of course came the obligatory scratch match with the other team and the inevitable over-emphasis on the result, who scored, who hand-balled, who won etc. I'm glad I don't care that much about winning when I play sport .........um, er I mean.....oh, is that the time? I've got to go, it's volleyball night!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Quiz Night Aug 20

Holt Press
As hoped, my productivity output improved today. I'm organising a Chaplaincy Quiz Night for Saturday 20 August for all those who'll be in the Busselton region that night. It's the same day as Geelong play West Coast so I'm either going to be celebrating or copping heaps from all the Budgie fans. I've already lost a bet with Kent Morgan that will see me have to humiliate myself in the staffroom by standing up in a West Coast jumper and acknowledging they are a better team than Geelong, because they're going to finish above the Cats on the ladder! With a little bit of luck I'll be able to time it to coincide with a Cats win against the arch enemy!

It's Wednesday night which means all movies are $1.95 at Video Ezy, and seeing as Wed. is such a dud TV night I sometimes scrounge around for a decent film to watch. Even at that price it's not always easy, despite the name.

Gaultie showed me the wheather chart on a web site the other day predicting huge storms to hit Busselton tonight but as he left and I reminded him he looked at me disappointedly and said "I've just checked the site again and nothing! No orange anywhere, I want orange!!" Other guys get their web kicks in dodgy ways but Gaultie is happy with weather charts! Mind you the wind has picked up and there's a hint of rain in the air so he may be happy after all.

The Ashes start tomorrow night and I fear for the Poms that all their high hopes and optimism are going to come crashing down around them. I'd love to see a close series, maybe even a win to the poms, but I doubt it's going to happen. I picked up quite a good sports magazine the other day called ALPHA, put out by Murdoch, and it had a transcript of a particularly unpleasant piece of sledging from Glenn McGrath. With charcters like him and Shane Warne sometimes it's better not to know!!

Rachel and Michael I just want you to know I'm expecting big things from the Swans this weekend, I'll be very happy if Sydney give the Eagles a flogging, but a 1 point win will be just as good, so get busy pulling strings and exerting influence OK?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My life year by year Part 2

Holt Press Can't format it as a table so am introducing colour coding for the various categories
Year Age Where I lived World events Events and memories in my life Friends
1971 10 Wiggs Rd Moolap Moved schools to Moolap Primary Grade 5, Mr Treweek & Miss Bacon, Football: The Capris Anthony Long, George Haas who had an air rifle and whose Mum wouldn't allow me in the house for several months. They were Indonesian and I think it was a cultural thing.
1972 11 Wiggs Rd Moolap (where there is still a time capsule in a bottle and one of my teeth buried in the foundations) Munich Olympics, Spassky V Fisher Spurs won UEFA Cup v Wolves Scouts, tennis, Football: The Monarchs, Last year of primary school, the Drive-In,(many stories to tell, perhaps a blog of it's own) Michael Cleary (who introduced me to pigeons)
1973 12 Wiggs Rd Moolap Form 1 @ Geelong East Tech, Bob Welding, Early morning paper round, pinball machines, discovered Tottenham Hotspur thanks to my neighbour and mate Anthony, the beginning of a life long love affair.
1974 13 Perth, Burnside St Bayswater Socceroos @ World Cup in West Germany, Brisbane floods Yr 8 @ John Forrest SHS, Mr Gasmier’s glasses, fire in the desk, Football: Bedford U/15s, Arthur, Scorcher & Score comics, Shoot magazine Daryl Rector, Val Ingham, Terry Blanchard John Bryan
1975 14 QueenslandJohn St Rosewood World Series Cricket Went to live with Dad and Julie in Queensland The mousse fight, colour TV, Rugby League, , Tennis club, Floods, RAAF pictures, Yr 9 @ Rosewood DHS, started playing golf, Pa & Auntie Ada’s @ Amberley, John Gallagher, Shannon born Glen Haley, Steve Franklin, Ian Robinson, Anne Kerle
1976 15 Rosewood,Gentle St Toowoomba Montreal Olympics, Spurs relegated from Division 1, I was devastated! Moved to Toowoomba, Yr 10 @ Mt Lofty HS, 10 speed bike, St Albans soccer club, lost virginity, Spurs in Melbourne, Christmas in Perth, Carnarvon Gorge Peter Lanser, Jim Pye, Denise
1977 16 Gentle St Toowoomba Elvis died, Spurs promoted Nanny “Falia” died, rode bike from Toowoomba to Rosewood, Long hair, Golden Breed, RAM & Tracks magazines (I was a classic tryhard surfie and music fan), Won soccer Grand Final v Rockville Rovers, Starsky & Hutch
1978 17 West Coast Hwy Waterman World Cup Argentina East Perth won a classic WAFL Grand Final by 2 points in torrential rain Moved back to Perth, Got driver’s license on 17th birthday, 1st car, a Wolsley 24/80 for $100, Yr 11 @ Carine SHS, Started doing YMCA Camps I didn't know it at the time but this was the start of my career path, Michael Doran, Chris Mills, Kim Dunstan
1979 18 Curtis Way Girrawheen WA’s Sesquicentennary (150th) Skylab hit WA, Phil Kelly won 2nd Sandover medal Carine North-west trip to Broome, Dad & Julie @ Millstream, Honda Scamp, P/T job at Betts & Betts Whitfords, Creative Writing & Drama Camp @ UWA where I met Sally who I'm still friends with. I used to hitch-hike up to visit her at Moora until the terrible day when I "broke" the beach buggy!! Years later I gained forgiveness and absolution after my public confession at Sally and Warren's wedding. TAE, Graham’s pool table, job @ Gloucester Park trots Graham Barnes Dave Evans Leeann Brown Sally Hudson
1980 19 Curtis Way Girrawheen Moscow Olympics, Russian invasion of Afghanistan 1 month @ Uni, 1st job @ Worths menswear shop Hay St Mall, Hitch-hiked to Melbourne, Geelong lost prelim. Final @ Waverly, Went to VFL Grand Final Richmond beat Collingwood, Job @ cinema in Swanston St, Nick Neale, Tom Lynch Gary Davies whose Dad Allan and my Dad Peter were life long friends. Sadly Allan passed away late last year. I stayed with Gary and Chris for a night in May, it was great to see him again.

Zac's coming home next week

Holt Press
I've been back at work for 2 days and am thankful that they have been very quiet because I am not operating at optimum speed or performance. I'm downloading info to the Hard Brain Drive at about 2kb/hr. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be moving at adsl broadband speed! Unlike my performance on the squash court last night which was a potent mixture of dismal and horrendous! I lost to a woman, older than me, with a dodgy knee, playing after 10.00pm, supposedly when I start to arc up!! I came home depressed.
Carolyn is still struggling, she had a bad night last night and couldn't go to work again today.
I've just been on the net (still am in fact!!) to book some airfares to bring Zac home next week. He'll arrive in Perth on Thursday around lunchtime. That's if they let him on the plane, I doubt he's had a haircut so he may look a little too risky to be allowed to fly.

What terrible news from Germany where the Australian women's cycling team were struck by a car, killing one and seriously injuring several others. Strange though the way some deaths are valued above others. We won't hear the end of the London bombings for weeks yet 70 people were blown up by a suicide bomber in Baghdad a couple of days ago and there's been nowhere near the coverage. I know why it happens but it's still unbalanced. Sad how much of the "news" is bad!

I'm contemplating a return to footy training on Friday night. My knee, which I hyper-extended, is a fair bit better. Not strong enough to play a game but it should be OK for light training and I'm feeling the need for some regular exercise before my weight loss turns to weight gain.

I'll leave you with a question. When booking air flights, do you take out travel insurance? I usually don't, but sometimes think I should.
We missed a flight once and it caused a fair bit of stress at the time, but I'm not sure insurance would have helped. When you fly el cheapo airlines you don't get a lot of flexibility with your booking.

Bed is calling.

Monday, July 18, 2005

My life year by year

When I turned 44 recently I started reflecting on my life and decided to summarise the main events and highlights year by year. It was fun but more difficult to do than I'd expected, straining the memory. The blog won't support a basic table structure so it looks a bit messy I'm afraid. The categories I worked with are, the year, my age, where I lived, Significant world events that I was aware of or considered important!!, events and happenings in my own life (places been, school/work changes, achievements and odd anecdotal memories) and friends and people from the period. It was interesting to recall when various people came into my life, who I've lost touch with and who I still see. I'll post them in 10 year blocks over the next few days. If I've forgotten anything, or left you out!! remind me.

<Year Age Lived World events Life events Friends
1961 B
Settlement Rd Bundoora Tottenham Hotspur won the League & FA Cup Double Born at PANCH 21/6, 3rd child of Peter and Jacqui Holt
1962 1 Settlement Rd Bundoora Spurs won the FA Cup
1963 2 Settlement Rd Bundoora JFK killed,
Geelong won VFL premiership Brother Bruce born 6/6
1964 3 Settlement Rd Bundoora Dead rat, mums and dads and the tea set dispute
1965 4 Settlement Rd Bundoora 4 day kindergarten career, sign of things to come
1966 5 Geelong,
119 Aberdeen St Decimal currency Started in prep (Bubs) @ Newtown State School Gayle Matthews, 1st girl kissed
1967 6 Geelong,
119 Aberdeen St Geelong lost Grand Final v Richmond,
Spurs won FA Cup Teacher: Mrs Digby, grade 1, Marjorey & Mrs Wooten, Olive Andrew Scott, Mark Lane, Tim Matthews
1968 7 Geelong,
119 Aberdeen St Mexico Olympics, Martin Luther King Jr killed Toughies v Terribles football @ Geelong West
2 broken legs, Nan & Pa’s counter machine Belinda Ferris, Bruce Gray-McIntosh
1969 8 Geelong,
119 Aberdeen St Woodstock, Man landed on the moon Football team: The Terrifics, Grant Sutherland the star player, Geelong Little League @ MCG etc Blanka Gungl
1970 9 Geelong,
119 Aberdeen St Captain Cook bicentenary
The Beatles broke up Football: won Best & Fairest and Grand Final v The Dazzlers, parent’s marriage broke-up
a href="http://www.holtpress.blogspot.com/">Holt Press

Anglicare and Sir Ronald Wilson

Holt Press
I've spent this morning sorting through my in-tray and came across a newsletter from Anglicare. It included a section entitled "Why we are here" describing their vision, mission and values and I liked the way they had put it together. We often hear about or refer to values in community, these values seem worth aspiring to, and the succinct style makes them easy to understand. So, for your interest or edification, here's what Anglicare have to say:

Vision: Anglicare WA is a Christian organisation committed to achieving a fair, just and caring society

Mission: Anglicare WA provides opportunities for people and communities to change their lives and advocates for social justice.

Social Justice Towards a new vision of society
Respect Valuing all people
Compassion Sharing the pain and the joy
Empowerment Restoring dignity and control
Independence Pursuing our own destiny
Non-discrimination Open to all
Integrity Honesty and trust

On Friday night Sir Ronald Wilson died. I have been heartened to hear the tributes and respect paid to him. I heard him speak at a conference once without knowing much about him. He seemed to be a man of vision, compassion and humility who achieved real progress toward social justice in Australia, and who advocated for the people most in need, with a special interest and concern for aboriginal people and the struggle for reconciliation.
Political commentator Peter Kennedy told a delightful story about an interview at the ABC some years ago. Sir Ronald said he was happy to do the interview but wasn't sure if he could make it. The reason turned out to be that he wasn't sure of the bus schedule! A former High Court Judge and Human Rights Commissioner, he refused the rights and privileges of his position such as a govt. vehicle upon retirement, preferring public transport. Thank God for men like Sir Ronald Wilson.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Footy and stuff

Holt Press
I've just gotten home after three days in Perth for some In-Service training and meetings. I stayed with bruce and Lisa Boelen and had a lovely couple of days, they're very hospitable and good for a laugh. Bruce joined me and a group of country chaplains for a couple of games of 10 pin bowling on Thursday night where I held on to win the Freddo Challenge by 1 pin.
Back to work tomorrow after a fairly unpleasant "holiday" with the flu having taken a heavy toll. I am about 95% right but Carolyn has had a lot more trouble shaking it and today is the first day she's felt good for two weeks.
I feel good because Geelong had a great win on Saturday, thumping Port Adelaide by 79 points to get back to some winning form. I umpired a game of footy on the weekend between Melville and manning D Grade reserves, thanks to an offer from Doug Cornish, chaplain at John Forrest. It was good fun running around and taking up the whistle for the first time in over a year, and the cash payment came in handy too.
I'm a little disappointed right now because despite my fantasy football team, the Bussel Muscle, kicking a massive 263 points, I've lost to Warren's Cannington Frogs by 3 points, bringing my three game winning streak to an end and jeopardising my chances of making the finals.
I went to the Eagles V Brisbane game in Perth last night and it too was disappointing. I'm never happy about the Eagles winning, and they've been doing a fair bit of that, but it just wasn't the close thrilling game I'd been hoping for. On the positive side, I caught up with Trevor Gamble after the game and we chatted and exchanged news and events for about half an hour before I set off on the trip home to Busselton. It was great to see Trev, and Josh who has grown heaps since I last saw him. And Hi to Rosie if you're reading this. Zac should be home for a week in August so I'll make sure he comes and sees you guys.
I'm cooking chile con carne and rice for tea, mmmmm chile!
Final thought, can Colin Montgomerie finally crack it in the majors and win the British Open tonight or will Tiger Woods continue his domination of world golf?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dad with his friend Lyle during their visit to WA last week. They have "no plans" but seem to enjoy each other's company and that's a good thing. Sadly due to our being ill they only stayed in Busselton an hour but hopefully there'll be more visits in future. Posted by Picasa

My Mum and Dad on their wedding day, in 1956 I believe. They were married for 16 years and it wasn't particularly happy but I'm glad to say that they now get along well. Mum is now married to Walter and "No.1" and "No.3" get along well and have a good laugh together. Posted by Picasa


Holt Press
I've been drilling holes. Over 50 in fact, in the walls around the house in order to hang photos and pictures. And I like it, the house is starting to feel more like home, decorated with all sorts of family photos, some old stuff of the kids when they were little, through to very recent stuff I've taken with the digital camera and printed and framed myself. My latest effort is a black & white collection of 4 pictures of my mum and dad including their wedding day. I got a disc with 130 old pics from Dad, via Mum. My study is looking good with my collection of football grand final pictures and lots of family and friends, plus a charcoal portrait of me done by Sonia's Mum a few years ago. She has since died of cancer so I feel privileged to have a portrait done by her. She wasn't that keen to draw me because I didn't have enough wrinkles and "old" features for her to highlight. Still not too many I'm glad to say. I went to the Dr this morning because I woke up with my eye glued shut with conjunctivitis. He gave me drops which are already working thank goodness. While I was there I got him to check my blood pressure, not because I was worried about it, but I was listening to a story about stroke on the radio a few days ago and high blood pressure was described as one of the main risk factors. I'm happy to report my BP is 100/70 and the doc was pretty impressed, "100/70 at 45, perfect" were his exact words. I've never smoked, never drunk tea or coffee and haven't drunk alcohol for nearly 20 years, but I wouldn't say I've been particularly interested in my health, until now! Having lost some significant weight, I am very keen not to put it back on and find myself thinking twice before eating anything remotely fatty. Gone are the days of ice cream binges and potato chip frenzies and whoppers with cheese and fries and chocolate fudge sundaes...
And I feel good.
Tomorrow morning I'm off to Perth for a couple of days of chaplain's in-service training. It's always good to get together with the rest of the crew but with Letchy and Broadie having both quit chaplaincy it won't be quite the same. Hopefully there'll be plenty of talk about footy and laughs interspersed with the serious stuff!
I'm staying at Big Bad Bruce Boelen's in The Holt Wing, it will be good to catch up with him, Lisa and their kids. Friday night I have an Augusta mission meeting and I'm probably going to stay in Perth for the footy, the Eagles are playing Brisbane on Saturday night and it should be a great game. With any luck the Eagles will get a spanking! Carolyn is still not 100% but she's well enough for me to be able to go away for a couple of days. Between us we cooked and prepared a proper meal tonight and sat down as a family to eat it, the first time in quite a while. Even Sophie noticed and appreciated it, we need t6o get back in the habit. Sophie said something that surprised me the other day. "I can't wait for Zac to come home, I really miss him"!! Considering the often tense nature of sibling relations I was impressed, she must be mellowing!!

A drive in the country

Holt Press
After more than a week of being house-bound and sick it was time to get out so today we got in the car and drove. We ended up at Bridgetown, always a nice destination coz my Mum and her husband Walter live there. We crashed for dinner, a very tasty Fettucine Carbonara, and met Walter's brother Hans and his wife Anne who had arrived from South Australia yesterday. It was a lovely visit and both Paul and Jordan enjoyed the attention. Anne has just retired from a career in education and spent lots of time listening to and encouraging the boys. She also spent some time talking to Carolyn and comparing notes on working with autistic children. Carolyn went back to work for the first time since she's been sick this morning and by the sound of it it was a pretty tough session so any suggestions and advice are pretty welcome. Hans is like Walter but quieter and without the thick German accent, the benefit of having done most of his schooling here in Australia.
Banana pancakes followed before we headed for home. Half way back to Busselton the weather change that Laurie predicted this morning arrived and the rain started pouring. After a very wet June it's been dry for a couple of weeks so more rain is very welcome.The only disappointment of the day is that I have picked up a dose of conjunctivitis. Sophie has it too so I guess that's where I got it. All the mums know that it is extremely contagious of course.
If you looking for a nice drive some time I can highly recommend the Blackwood Tourist Drive from Nannup to Balingup. It winds it's way for 40km through the Blackwood Valley and at this time of year is gorgeous and green. There are a few little bed and breakfasts dotted along the road and a cheese factory and a couple of wineries, all very delightful. Your arrival in Balingup is marked by the presence of a large red dotted concrete mushroom in the garden of a typical looking small town museum. Not sure of the significance of the mushroom but Balingup is a pleasant little place. Carolyn and I and a couple of friends went there for a weekend once before we were married, to look at an old theatre that was for sale. We had no real intention of buying it, it was just an excuse to get out of Perth and gave us a few memorable photo opportunities. We were with John Grieve who was a mate of Mad Mike Metcalf with whom I shared a house in London about 20 years ago. Don't know what ever happened to Mike, but John and I hung out for a while when he was working in Perth doing computer contracting for Western Power and living at The Sheraton!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Terrorism article

Holt Press
Phil Sparrow sent me this article originally published in the Guardian Weekly and I re-publish it here because I think it makes a lot of sense and follows on from the comments in my blog yesterday. Not sure about the legality of publishing someone else's work but I make no claim of authorship, it comes from the Guardian and was written by David Clark:

From the Guardian Weekly

It must now be obvious, even to those who would like us to think otherwise, that the war on terror is failing. This is not to say that the terrorists are winning. Their prospects of constructing the medieval pan-Islamic caliphate of their fantasies are as negligible today as they were four years ago when they attacked America. It is simply to point out that their ability to bring violence and destruction to our streets is as strong as ever and shows no sign of diminishing. We may capture the perpetrators of Thursday's bombings, but others will follow to take their place. Moreover, the actions of our leaders have made this more likely, not less. It's time for a rethink.

The very idea of a war on terror was profoundly misconceived from the start. Rooted in traditional strategic thought, with its need for fixed targets and an identifiable enemy, the post-9/11 response focused myopically on the problem of how and where to apply military power. Once the obvious and necessary task of tackling Bin Laden's presence in Afghanistan had been completed, those charged with prosecuting the war needed a new target to aim at.

In his book Against All Enemies, the former White House counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke chronicles the inability of senior administration officials to grasp the nature of the threat directed against them. Even before 9/11 they were fixated with the notion that behind a successful terrorist network like al-Qaida must be state sponsorship; destroy the state, destroy the threat, ran the theory. In this environment it was easy for the neoconservatives to win approval for their prefabricated plan to attack Iraq.

But al-Qaida has never depended on state sponsorship, except in the wholly unintended sense that the US-funded campaign against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan brought its members together and gave them their first taste of jihad. Indeed it is a mistake even to regard al-Qaida as an organisation in the traditional sense of the term. At most it is now little more than an idea, fusing ideology with operational method, both of which can be accessed freely via the internet. It is quite meaningless to talk about destroying the "terrorist infrastructure", unless we propose to carpet bomb Microsoft. We have entered the era of do-it-yourself terrorism.

Bin Laden must be brought to justice, but he has become a strategic irrelevance in the struggle against terrorism. Wherever he is - on the run in the badlands of Waziristan or holed up in someone's cellar - he is not directing operations. He doesn't need to. He has provided the inspiration and example for a new generation of terrorists who have never been to his training camps in Afghanistan and whose only connection to al-Qaida is a shared desire to lash out at the west.

It should be clear by now that we cannot defeat this threat with conventional force alone, however necessary that may be in specific circumstances. Even good policing, as we have found to our cost, will have only limited effect in reducing its capacity to harm. The opposite response
- negotiation - is equally futile. How can you negotiate with a phenomenon that is so elusive and diffuse? And even if you could, what prospect would there be of reaching a reasonable settlement? The term "Islamofascism" may be a crude political device, but those who coined it are right to see in Bin Ladenism a classic totalitarian doctrine that accepts no limits in method or aim. What they want, we cannot give.

An effective strategy can be developed, but it means turning our attention away from the terrorists and on to the conditions that allow them to recruit and operate. No sustained insurgency can exist in a vacuum. At a minimum, it requires communities where the environment is permissive enough for insurgents to blend in and organise without fear of betrayal. This does not mean that most members of those communities approve of what they are doing. It is enough that there should be a degree of alienation sufficient to create a presumption against cooperating with the authorities. We saw this in Northern Ireland.

From this point of view, it must be said that everything that has followed the fall of Kabul has been ruinous to the task of winning over moderate Muslim opinion and isolating the terrorists within their own communities. In Iraq we allowed America to rip up the rule book of counter-insurgency with a military adventure that was dishonestly conceived and incompetently executed. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed by US troops uninterested in distinguishing between combatant and noncombatant, or even counting the dead. The hostility engendered has been so extreme that the CIA has been forced to conclude that Iraq may become a worse breeding ground for international terrorism that Afghanistan was. Bin Laden can hardly believe his luck.

The political dimensions of this problem mean that there can be no hope of defeating terrorism until we are ready to take legitimate Arab grievances seriously. We must start by acknowledging that their long history of engagement with the west is one that has left many Arabs feeling humiliated and used. There is more to this than finding a way of bringing the occupation of Iraq to an end. We cannot seriously claim to care for the rights of Arabs living in Iraq when it is obvious that we care so little for Arabs living in Palestine. The Palestinians need a viable state, but all the indications suggest that the Bush administration is preparing to bounce the Palestinians into accepting a truncated entity that will lack the basic characteristics of either viability or statehood. That must not be allowed to succeed.

At its inception post-9/11, the war on terror was shaped by the fact that it was American blood that had been shed. This gave President Bush the moral authority to tell the world "you're either with us or against us". Having stood with America, and paid a terrible price for doing so, it is now time to turn that demand back on Bush. We have a vital national interest in defeating terrorism and we must have a greater say in how that is done. The current approach is failing and it's time for a change. If Tony Blair cannot bring himself to say this, he owes it to his country to make way for someone who can.

· David Clark is a former Labour government adviser

Sunday, July 10, 2005

London Calling

Holt Press
It's been a week of mixed emotions concerning news from England. First came a call from Zac in Tasmania to say that Fusion have offered him a place in the diploma course and as part of that would like him to do a six week placement in England in August-September. We were pretty excited for him, especially because our good friends Maty and Jenny Woods now live and work for Fusion in Oxford, though they seem to spend as much time travelling and working elsewhere for Fusion, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Nigeria, Africa, America and even back home to Oz occasionally. I lived in England for a couple of years in my early 20's and loved it, I especially enjoyed London, so I'm all for Zac travelling and seeing the world. The second lot of news was also good with London winning the 2012 Olympic Games ahead of favourites Paris. I took Zac and Sophie to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and we stayed with Marty and Jenny so the connections were all positive.
Then came the third news, of terrorist bombs exploding in London and over 50 people being killed, hundreds injured and life sent for a spin. It is sobering to think of the impact of these acts and to realise how easily they can be carried out and how many innocent people are affected by them. I don't understand terrorism. I understand inequity in the world, the rich and the poor, the impact of poverty, war, disease, and the struggle for life that goes on around the world. But I can't see what terrorists hope to achieve by their deadly actions. They certainly don't gain sympathy or support in the west by killing people. I know that the west is not innocent and it would be better if we weren't in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, but while those places remain unstable and lawless, the choices are pretty limited and extremely difficult.
Someone suggested after Sep. 11 that rather than rain bombs on the middle east the US should rain money. It will never happen but I can't help wondering if things might have turned out a bit differently if they had.
In the meantime, I'm still excited for Zac and hope he has a fantastic trip to England, I just wish the world was a bit safer for him now he's reached the age of exploration.

Bragging rights to the Barrs

Holt Press
It's Sunday night and I'm still in Busso which means no appearance at all at Footy Camp which is very disappointing. I contemplated driving up today to take Paul to the Dockers game and meet up with the crew but he didn't feel like going and I'm still coughing up great green quivering chunks of mucous. Carolyn is still crook too so staying home was the best option really. Of course the Dockers snapped their losing streak on the strength of my not being there! The Cats were woeful last night, thus handing bragging rights to the Barrs, who wasted no time asserting them. Geelong did lose King and Ling before the game to add to the already substantial injury list. How long will the Cat slump last? We've got a tough game against Port Adelaide next week and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking the footy world wrote off Port and Brisbane way too prematurely this season.
I've got another week of school holidays to regain strength and hope, a good thing too coz this flu has really become hard to shake.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Clouds and silver linings

Holt Press
As blogged recently, I have been sick, Very unpleasantly sick. Being a caring sharing sort of person, I spread my disease around the family! Carolyn is very ill. Paul has come down with it and Jordan, who has glandular fever, has started to show the first signs as well! Sophie is not sick, but she did fall off her bike and break her arm! It's a very minor break at least and she is recovering well. Not much fun in the Holt household of late that's for sure. But, as the title suggests, there is some good news. As a result of careful diet, regular exercise, and generous use of the flu, I have lost more weight! This morning's weigh-in registered 91.5 kg, a loss of over 13kg since the start of the campaign. I have rediscovered the use of belts and can see my whole reflection at one viewing. While I don't recommend the influenza diet to the novice or aspiring weight-watcher, I am suitably impressed with the silver lining aspect of my own condition. (I've just heard from Chris Heathcote, Busso teacher, that another teacher Mike Piggot has been sick as well since country Week and has lost 7 kg!!)
On the down-side, my Dad was forced to truncate a few days in Busselton down to an afternoon visit in the driveway, not wanting to enter the "Sick Zone" and risk having to drive back across the Nullabor with the flu. This is pretty frustrating considering the infrequency of his visits. We would also have liked a bit more time getting to know his "lady-friend" and travelling companion Lyle. The brief encounter we did have was very nice and I'm sure the Cocklebiddy threat is of no risk what-so-ever.
The other disappointment has been my inability to go to Perth to direct Footy Camp for Scripture Union. My team have had to deputize for me and by the sounds of it it's been pretty tough work. Kent Morgan has substituted for me and may well be cursing the flu as much as me!
I have just started to feel the first real signs of improvement this afternoon so perhaps I'll make it up to camp for the last 1-2 days, though with Carolyn and now the kids so unwell it's not just about whether I'm well enough to go.
It's Friday night and that means the footy is upon us again, and this is a big round. The Cats play the Swans in Sydney which means either Michael and Rachel Barr or I are going to have bragging rights for a few weeks. I know you'll join me in saying, Go Cats!! And in the Kellogs fantasy footy comp on the AFL site, I play my mate Stu this weekend, the Bussell Muscle v his pusillanimous Stu's Blues. More bragging rights to be had on this one!

Monday, July 04, 2005

The boys in the soccer team gave Kazu and I a signed soccer ball each as a thank you gift at the end of the week Posted by Picasa

Kazu, the Japanese exchange teacher, and the basketball girls do a brilliant send-up of the volleyball boys at the Country Week Dinner Posted by Picasa

Busso bags on the run Posted by Picasa

The BUSSO Spirit Bags at Country Week. These were the brainchild of a brilliant kid called Tiffany and were a big hit at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Posted by Picasa

If you look closely you'll see the T-shirt I made for Al for the occasion. I made 4, one for hime, one for me and we auctioned off the other 2 for $50 each to go toward his sponsored child in Africa. Hope the buyers weren't too disappointed when they got home and discovered they were 2nd hand shirts!! Posted by Picasa

Alex's 500th gig at The Wanneroo Hotel Posted by Picasa

"All rubber gloves and no head" (Graham Parker and the Rumour) Phat Phriday Phun Posted by Picasa

Crook as a dog

Holt Press
I got home from Country Week on Friday night and immediately came down with the flu, and have been crook as a dog ever since. Spent the last three days in bed dosed up on painkillers, sleeping fitfully, shivers, wracking cough etc etc. Can't remember ever being this sick before!!
Will write more when I feel better!