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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Things I thought about yesterday

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The vagaries of computers! I just wrote a whole entry and lost it before I could post it after pressing Tab followed by backspace.
Tip of the Day 2: Don't hit tab followed by backspace while blogging!!

I spent about 8 hours on the road yesterday travelling from Busselton to Albany and back to attend the funeral of a colleague who also happened to be the Dad of one of my mates. 770 KM through the beautiful south west of Western Australia gave me plenty of time to think and in light of my journey's purpose prompted me to reflect on life, death, fast food and the universe. Here's a few of my random thoughts and observations from the day.

1 Albany is a beautiful town sitting on a stunning harbour and wonderful views of it all can be had from atop Mt Clarence. I must take the family for a weekend and have a decent look around.

2 The power of the waves crashing against the towering cliffs at the Gap and Natural Bridge is awesome, as was the sunset and moonrise over the coast of Frenchman's Bay.

3 A life of humility lived in faithful service is a powerful witness. I joined several hundred people in farewelling and honouring my friend Terry and was both struck and challenged by the story of his life, the depth of his love and the dedication of his service to God, backed up by the eloquent words and witness of his family.

4 It's good to reflect and reminisce. On the way home I listened to a tape I made in 1987 of stories and anecdotes by my Nan on her first visit to WA after we got married. It was wonderful to listen to her familiar voice recounting how she met my grandfather and their life in Melbourne raising three kids in the 40's and 50's. Nan died about 3 years ago so it was very precious to "visit" her memory again.

5 Old hymns sung well by an old congregation, though not my favourite, can be very powerful.

6 McDonalds Tandoori chicken deli choice rolls while being tasty and low in fat, are ridiculously messy to eat.

7 If I ever write my biography I'll call it "Perfectly Flawed"

8 If I write my Mum's life story I'll call it "You must be Jacqui"

9 If I ever write my step father's story I'll call it "Poor Walter"

10 A short cut isn't necessarily! The sign in Manjimup that says Nannup 58 does not tell the whole story!

I have an appointment to go to so I'll add to this list later.

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Wizard Cup means nothing

Holt Press

Who cares about meaningless pre-season competitions? The real games don't start till the season kicks off!
I consider the Cats loss to the Kangaroos a mere trifle, of no import, nothing to worry about, a mere blip on the radar screen. Let's face it, while the rest of the league played under a roof or in pristine conditions, Geelong were forced to play in a quagmire after a deluge, in a freezing capital in front of a puny crowd, how could they be expected to perform or be motivated in those conditions? Seriously! Everyone knows the Kangaroos were going to pin a lot more significance on the Wizard Cup than the Cats, they didn't even make the finals last year so they've got a lot more to prove!
I'm not in the slightest bit worried. Go Cats!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another day in Paradise

I had no plans to move to Busselton, I was very happily living and working in Perth in a job I loved. So it's as much a surprise to me as to anyone else that I find myself living in a seaside tourist town, living a slower paced life and feeling more relaxed than I used to. Mind you, it's not hard to feel relaxed when you wake up to beautiful blue skies on a warm sunny day, knowing that the beautiful Geographe Bay is 150 metres down the street and the busiest thing I'm likely to encounter today is someone else arriving at a garage sale at the same time as me. There are only 4 sets of lights in the whole town, all on the highway and I've never failed to get through an intersection on one rotation.
Busseltonites have two great loves, garage sales and quiz nights, I've been to more of both since we moved here than in 5 years in Perth! But they are not without idiosyncrisies. The garage sales are well sign-posted, easy to find and friendly affairs, and people don't take offense at a bit of good natured haggling, but they have a strictly limited time allowance. Come 12 o'clock and they're starting to put things back in the house, and by 1.00pm, just when the average Perth saler is about to go cruising the neighbourhood in search of a bargain, they've retrieved the signs, locked the doors and headed for the beach or the sofa. It doesn't pay to sleep in if you want to find a bargain.
Not-withstanding these limitations I did manage to score a good deal on a second hand trampoline this morning, $30 or $35 home delivered. I took the latter option but the guy just looked at me strangely when I asked for a pizza with the lot as well.
Admittedly it does have a few small holes, the result of some over-exuberant party goers wielding sparklers, but with the most use likely to come from Paul who weighs about 20kg dripping wet I figure it'll last long enough to be considered a bargain.
Busselton quiz nights are a mixed bag, some quiet and well run, others rowdy bordering on feral, I almost got thrown out of one for arguing with the quiz master when he was clearly wrong, it cost me $5 for the privilege but he wasn't impressed. Last night we tried our collective brains at the Tennis club quiz night and surprise surprise they had a lot of tennis questions. Who'd have thought that Norman Brooks was the first Aussie to win Wimbledon, mind you it was in 1907! or that May Armstrong was the former secretary of Busselton Tennis Club, she seemed like a nice lady and by all accounts has a wicked back hand, but you needed just a little more inside knowledge than we could muster to answer that one.
After two dismal opening rounds even our mid-quiz revival was never going to get us into the placings, so we threw in the odd silly answer and just enjoyed the company. Our reward came late with a prize for the best group name, the Martina Never-rat-on-a-lovers!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Less is Best

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As I karate chopped through a piece of wood on the final day of a Rock and Water course I did last year, I set a goal. It was a first, (setting a goal not chopping wood). The goal is, lose 5kg and get down under 100kg! As such, several cake stores and bakeries have gone to the wall since I no longer stop and buy something comprised of the three essential food groups, sugar, fat and chocolate, each time I walk past. Nor has any chocolate product passed my lips since, well, a few weeks at least. The result so far? A certain virtuous feeling each time I resist temptation, and a fluctuationg read-out on the bathroom scales, down one day up the next! I've started playing pennant squash. No that's not true, I've started running around a court while my opponents play pennant squash, but the real contest is whether my desire to sweat/lose weight can triumph over my will to win in any sport or game I play.

Regular weight checks may be a part of this publication, or they may not depending on what they say.

Sorry Rach

Holt Press

Bad news Rachel, I looked for a pic of you but alas, not a one to be found. OK I did only look in one folder, but look what else I found!! (By the way I worked out how to post pictures) Took me 20 minutes just now to work out how to post another comment! Aging is pitiful!
If it's any consolation there is a nice framed pic of Barrand girl on the shelf above me as I speak. I will find something suitable I promise.

We had our first night of home group doing 40 Days of Purpose tonight, just a small group, 4 women and me! We both survived. It seems like good stuff, simple, easy to digest, well researched and fun to read/listen to. As the token male in the group I feel it is my duty to wave the flag for all sport and testosterone related causes visited during the discussions. So far the girls haven't raised these topics once so I can see I'm going to need to be more proactive next week.

Tip of the Day: If you're buying a digital camera, consider a Kodak, I've tried a few and they are the best by a megapixel. Mine's an LS 753, 5 megapixel, snazzy little unit in a pleasant metallic blue colour.

Reasons to be cheerful No. 1.: Got a great deal on a brilliant printer, HP Photosmart 7960, 50% off with the purchase of a dig. camera from Hardly Normals. Used up all the ink but managed to re-fill the cartridges for a third of the price of replacements.

Good idea of the day: Go to bed, it's 1.45am and the TV at this time of night is an abomination.

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